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Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate Training Course Teaching Materials

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Training Course Outline

Word 2010 Customisation

  • Customising Microsoft Word
  • Setting the User Name
  • Setting the Default Folder

Proofing and Printing

  • Spell Checking a Document
  • Adding Words to the Dictionary
  • Removing a Word from the Dictionary
  • Printing Options
  • Selecting a Printer
  • Choosing What to Print
  • Setting the Number of Copies to Print
  • Setting the Pages per Sheet
  • Printing only Odd or Even Pages
  • Previewing and Printing a Document

Word 2010 Compatibility Mode

  • What is Compatibility Mode?
  • Using the Convert Button

Paragraph Formatting.

  • Line Spacing Formatting Options.
  • Using the Widow/Orphan Control.
  • Using ‘Keep Lines Together’.
  • Using the ‘Keep With Next’ Option.
  • Using ‘Page Break Before’.
  • Multilevel List Formatting.

Word 2010 Pictures

  • Compatibility Mode & Picture Editing.
  • Screen Shots
  • Clipping Screen Shots.
  • Picture Tools.
  • Removing a Background.
  • Picture Corrections
  • Picture Colour
  • Picture Artistic Effects
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Resetting Pictures
  • Picture Styles
  • Picture Borders
  • Cropping a Picture


  • Inserting ‘Next Page’ Section Breaks.
  • Inserting ‘Odd Page’ Section Breaks.
  • Changing the Section Break Type.
  • Deleting Section Breaks.
  • Page Orientation and Sections.
  • Page Vertical Alignment and Sections.
  • Margins and Sections.

Headers & Footers

  • Applying Different Headers and Footers to Sections.
  • Applying Different Headers and Footers to the First Page.
  • Applying Different Headers and Footers to Odd and Even Pages.


  • Adding a Pre-Defined Watermark.
  • Adding a Custom Text Watermark.
  • Removing a Watermark.
  • Modifying a Text Watermark.
  • Adding a Picture Watermark.

Microsoft Word 2010 Tables

  • Table Styles.
  • Merging Cells within a Table.
  • Splitting Cells within a Table.
  • Modifying Cell Alignment.
  • Modifying Cell Margins.
  • Modifying Text Direction within Cells.
  • Repeating the Table Heading Rows
  • Controlling Row Breaking Across Pages.
  • Performing a Single Column Sort.
  • Multilevel Sorting within Word 2010
  • Converting Delimited Text to a Table.
  • Converting a Table to Text.


  • What are Styles?
  • Applying Styles.
  • Types of Styles.
  • Creating a Paragraph Style.
  • Creating a Character Style.
  • Modifying a Style.
  • Enabling Automatic Style Updating.
  • Deleting a Style.

Text Wrapping

  • Applying Text Wrapping
  • Text Wrapping and Tables.


  • Applying Column Formatting to an Entire Document.
  • Applying Column Formatting to ‘Selected Text’.
  • Changing the Number of Columns within a Column Layout.
  • Changing Column Widths and Spacing.
  • Using Pre-Set Column Formatting.
  • Lines between Columns.
  • Inserting Column Breaks.
  • Deleting Column Breaks.


  • Creating, Modifying and Deleting an Autocorrect Entry.

Building Blocks (Formerly Called AutoText)

  • Creating and Inserting Building Block Items.
  • Modifying a Building Block Item.
  • Deleting a Building Block (AutoText) Item.

Advanced Find and Replace

  • Advanced Find and Replace Options
  • ‘Paste Special’ Options using Formatted and Unformatted Text.


  • Manually adding a Caption to an Object.
  • Adding and Removing Caption Labels.
  • Changing the Caption Number Formatting.

Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Inserting Footnotes.
  • Editing and Formatting Footnotes.
  • Inserting Endnotes.
  • Editing and Formatting Endnotes.
  • Converting Footnotes to Endnotes.
  • Converting Endnotes to Footnotes.

Bookmarks and Cross-References

  • Adding a Bookmark in a Word 2010 documnet.
  • Creating Cross-References in documents
  • Deleting Cross-References.
  • Deleting a Bookmark.