Competitor IT Training Companies

Computer Courseware Competitors

Most of our competitors that produce training manuals do not display a ‘site license’ price on their web sites. We believe that our open pricing policy benefits you the customer so that you can make a transparent comparison with the products offered by our competitors.

For the same reason, and so that you can see the quality of our training materials, we are proud to offer sample downloads of ALL our IT training courses via our web site.

You may be using IT courseware from another supplier.

If so, how do they compare when you ask some of the following questions?

  • Do they supply an entire library of computer training courses, at a price even remotely close to our low price packages?
  • If they do offer courses on a site license basis, does the site license price include a complete library of IT courses (as included in the library from Cheltenham Courseware)?
  • Is the site license an annual license or a one-off payment?
  • Are the materials fully editable and can you add your own name and logos?
  • Are the manuals easy to edit using standard ‘cut and paste’ techniques and can the table of contents be easily updated, or do I have to use proprietary software to edit the materials?
  • Are PowerPoint slides included in the price?
  • Are samples of ALL the IT courses available for download from their web site?

Finally, consider the fact that we focus solely on producing COMPUTER courseware. We do not offer courses on management, selling, deep sea fishing etc, like so many of our competitors.

We are the specialists that you need, to produce the quality, you expect.

If you are unhappy with your current computer courseware supplier, please download our IT courseware samples now and invest in our quality driven, cost effective courseware solution.